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“Holding true to Political Correctness since 1854!”

To draw attention to their roll in community life, The Classic Pickle Company has announced a bold move to maintain political correctness by renaming their Sweet Midget Pickles. The company has announced that starting next month, the pickles would be renamed, “Little People” Pickles in respect to the short statured community.

Using an age old form of media, the company is proud of it’s reputation of respect and employment for people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, colors, sexual persuasion and religious backgrounds.

Proving itself as just not another pickle company, Classic moves to the forefront with this bold step to rename it’s Sweet Midget Pickles (manufactured since 1854) as “Little People” Pickles. Danny Black was quoted to say, “The new pickles will have that same classic look and taste while respecting short statured people outside the nomenclature of pickle names.” There is no doubt however that the pickles size (averaging 100-101 mm long) helps stimulate the interest of the buying public.

Sure, the pickle’s size fascinates the buying public,” says Danny Black philosophically, “but what you do with that initial fascination is what distinguishes a true gourmet pickle from one that simply looks cute and short.

You can buy “Little People” Pickles at your local grocery or retailer starting on St. Patrick’s day, March 17.

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