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Adaptive driving equipment

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration added 4/12/00

Automotive Safety Issues for Persons with Disabilities added 4/12/00

Air Bags added 4/12/00

Air bag on / off switch information brochure added 4/12/00

National Conference on Medical Indications for Air Bag Disconnection
added 4/12/00

Request for air bag on / off switch added 4/12/00

NHTSA: Injury Prevention: School Bus Safety added 4/12/00

Drivers education "requirements or mandates", added 3/6/00

Under Section 504 (CFR Section 104.37) and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if the course is offered by the public high school, the school district is obligated to get the equipment the student needs for the course, if the student has a disability requiring such, like a student with dwarfism or a student using a wheelchair, who may need extensions, hand-controls, etc. The student can only be charged the same fees every other student there is charged is charged for drivers ed. Of course if the district buys the equipment or rents it, it doesn't belong to the student at the end of the course. If the family chooses to buy and therefore own and keep the equipment that's different.

If the driver ed course occurs at the high school, but is run by a private firm, which distributes fliers through the school, etc., the private driving school is obligated under Title III of the ADA to make reasonable modifications. If the firm refuses to do so, then the school district is violating Section 504 and Title II if it continues to allow the firm to operate a course at the school, because the school district is not allowed to support or do business with an organization that is violating ADA.

Section 504 and Title II in schools and colleges are enforced by the US Dept of Education, Office for Civil Rights.

The information and guidance provided by OCR does not represent a determination of compliance or noncompliance with any of the laws enforced by the agency. OCR provides technical assistance to interested individuals, organizations and recipients of Federal Financial Aid in an effort to acquaint them with the requirements of Federal civil rights laws. Staff respond to inquiries or fact situations presented by interested parties. In the context of the facts presented, OCR provides guidance on civil rights compliance issues. Only a legally supported compliance determination made in the context of an OCR complaint investigation or compliance review represents an official determination of OCR of compliance with the civil rights laws it enforces.
Info offered by R Ricker

Accessible luxury limousine travel , added 9/6/99 

Now available in, where else -- Las Vegas!  The CEO of the AKA Limousine Corporation, William R. Bauers, a paraplegic himself, holds the patent and intends to build and sell these vehicles to other companies.  Point your browsers to the following URL: http://www.handicappedlimousine.com/ OK, so it's a little  strange looking!  However, William Bauers happens to be an engineer who used to work in the defense and aerospace industry, so this is not a typical Do-It-Yourself hacksaw conversion.

Mobility Programs for the Physically Challenged, added 6/26/99 

Louisiana Tech University-Center for Rehabilitation Science
added 6/26/99 
This center offers services for driver assessment and education, training programs, consultation and publications. 
Attn: Michael Shipp 
P.O. Box 3185 Ruston, LA 71272-0001 
(318) 257-4562 

National Safety Council, added 6/26/99 
Offers a driver improvement course for the elderly. 
444 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 
(312) 527-4800 

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, added 6/26/99 
Offers a newsletter and a national consumer service network; addresses issues of adaptive equipment
liability, standards and quality assurance. 
Attn: Becky Plank 
909 E. Skagway Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 
(813) 932-8566 

Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America, added 6/26/99 
This society conducts conferences on industry advancements, publishes a quarterly journal, and manages a
special interest group on transportation. 
Attn: John Greene 
1101 Connecticut Ave., Suite 700 Washington, D.C. 20036 
(202) 857-1199 

Society of Automotive Engineers, added 6/26/99 
The SAE Adaptive Standards Committee develops recommended standards and practices for adaptive equipment. Though written primarily for engineers, SAE publications are available to the public. 
400 Commonwealth Drive Warrendale, PA 15096-0001 
(412) 776-4841 

United States Department of Veterans Affairs, added 6/26/99 
Provides grants and reimbursement for adaptive equipment for service-related disabilities. Financial aid may also be available for non service-related disabilities. Driver training centers are also available. 
Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service 
Attn: John Clemens 
Mailing Code 141D3 Washington, D.C. 20420 
(202) 535-7293 

American Automobile Association, added 6/26/99
AAA publishes The Disabled Driver's Mobility Guide and develops and sponsors driver improvement courses for new, experienced, elderly and disabled drivers. 
1000 AAA Drive Heathrow, FL 32746-5063
(407) 444-7961

Chrysler's Automobility Program
added 6/26/99 
P.O. Box 3124 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-3124 
1-800-255-9877 / hearing impaired: 1-800-922-3826

Ford's Mobility Motoring Program
added 6/26/99 
P.O. Box 529 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303 
1-800-952-2248 / hearing impaired: 1-800-833-0312

General Motors Mobility Program for the Physically Challenged
added 6/26/99 
P.O. Box 9011 Detroit, MI 48202 
1-800-323-9935 / hearing impaired: 1-800-833-9935 / fax: 313-974-4383
GM of Canada Mobility Program:

Adaptive Assurance, added 6/12/99 
Morris Schnoor & Gremel 
65 S. Main Street 
P.O. Box 599 
Rockford, MI 49341 
For more information, please call Adaptive Assurance at 1-888-592-6315 or e-mail us at dyoung@msginsurance.com
We are the industry leader in insuring adaptive equipped vehicles.  Our product is unique and features the following items: Coverage on the adaptive equipped vehicle and the attached adaptive equipped vehicle can be provided on the basis of replacement cost. Rental Reimbursement of up to $100 per day and $3,000 maximum is provided. Emergency expense allowance of up to $300 is provided. Towing and Labor paid up to $75 with 800 number availability. Disappearing deductibles. Preferred Rates - Very Competitive. Underwriting based on driving record and past loss experience. Can include vehicles that are not adaptive euipped, so that a multi-car discount can be given. Underwritten by one of the top ten (10) providers of property and casualty insurance in the world. Easily Accessed by calling 1-888-592-6315.

Judson Enterprises, Inc.
5 South Parish Unit B
P.O. Box 1069
Johnstown CO 80534
970.587.5212 FAX
ljudson01@sprynet.com or judson@inetmkt.com

AirBag Options, Inc, added 9/9/98
Please be advised that we are currently doing many air bag on /off switch installations for your members. We would like to make this service available to all members of L.P.A. under a special pricing plan exclusively for your members.  This is obviously a VERY important safety issue so please give this your consideration. We are listed as a national referral on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration web sight www.dot.nhtsa.gov as well we also work with the Center for Auto Safety.  For more information on us please visit our web site at www.airbag.net or contact me directly at toll free 1-888-903-0004.  Thanks, J.P. Malone, President, AirBag Options, Inc.
Rudy's Motorcycle Accessories Limited, added 12/31/97
51 Montgomery Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860
(401) 728-9980
Independent Mobility Systems - 10" dropped floor mini vans http://www.ims-vans.com
DRIVE-MASTER (added 6/3/97)
9 Spielman Rd
Fairfield NJ 07004-3403
201-808-9709 voice
201-808-9713 FAX
email: DriveMstr1@aol.com
Fold down pedal extensions: Drive-Master's gas and brake pedal extensions adjust to allow 6-12 inches of extended reach. Made of durable light-weight aluminum and stainless steel, Drive-Master pedal extensions provide comfortable driving after installation. Best of all, Drive-Master Pedal Extensions fold down out of the way to allow other persons to operate the vehicle. Pedal extensions must be installed by authorized dealers. They fit most American cars and vans. Call now for more information on price and available appointment times. Drive-Master also has clamp-on block pedal extensions in standard sizes of 2" - 3" - 4" high. These extensions can be adapted to clutch cars, but the brake and clutch extensions must be cut down to prevent interference. We strongly suggest that you purchase and have your pedal extensions installed at a local handicap mobility/vehicle modifier. Contact us for a dealer near you.
Chuck Secor
e-mail:  cmsecor@worldnet.att.net
PO Box 251677
Glendale CA 91225-1677
818-247-9246 voice
818-247-3329 FAX
KOMO EXTENSIONS, updated 2/8/04
Alex Krywonos
1087 Klem Rd
Webster NY 14580-8628
585-872-5349 voice
e-mail: okrywon1@rochester.rr.com
Casey Hubelbank
36 Kaye Rd
West Haven CT 06516-6535
203-933-3949 voice
e-mail: hubelbank@scsud.ctstateu.edu

ADL (aids to daily living)

Computer keyboard, submitted 11/8/00, added 11/25/00
Do you ever run into the problems that the keys on your keyboard is too far apart? Would it be easier to have a smaller keyboard?
Go to this Site: www.datadesktech.com it's called Little Fingers, it's designed for Kids, and it will fit to any computer now, or in the future...that's what the advertisement says for Mac or PCs...and maybe others.

Feeding aid, added 6/3/99 
If you have difficulty feeding yourself, this product may help
go here: http://www.steadyproducts.com/

dwarf BETA TESTER, reacher, added 5/11/99 
ware4dwarfs / shortdwarf.com
517-371-2225 voice
775-521-7001 FAX
208B S 8TH ST, LANSING MI 48912-1422

Arcmate Manufacturing Corp, reachers, added 5/11/99
Bernadette Benjamin, Bob Traber 
637 S Vinewood St 
Escondido  CA  92029-1926
760-489-1140 voice 
760-746-1926 FAX
ADAPT-A-LAP, "reading desk", added 5/11/99
Ed Blum 
44 E Main St, Suite 513 
Champaign  IL  61820-3636 
217-356-2302 voice 
217-356-0021 FAX

Adapted home & office furniture

NEW TOT-SWITCH Light Switch Extension Device, added 2/8/04
expires 2/27/05, 1yrpd

TOT-SWITCH is an innovative new light switch extension device that is unlike any other on the market. It installs easily in minutes on most single light switches, including the newer decorator-style flat switches. It extends 17'' below the switch, and is made of durable, flexible plastic that really lasts. It comes in 4 adorable kid's designs, and parts of each design glow-in-the-dark. We also have a line of adorable, matching accent lamps called TOT-LAMP. They are reasonably priced, and make great gifts! Visit our web-site for detailed information and easy online ordering.
Website/online store : www.illumination.ca/usa
1-877-444-KIDS toll free
E-mail: info@illumination.ca

Multi-D.E.S.P. (Multiple Desktops, Easels, Stands, Podiums)
ENHANCED IN ONE PRODUCT! added 11/15/02, 1yrpd

Dohlman Brown, H. Osborne Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 2012
Gretna, LA. 70054
866-274-8126 Toll Free
504-227-7376 Local
504-227-7378 Fax
Email: dohlan@aol.com
MULTI-DESP is the only Adaptive Living Product that has the ability to Transform to more than (54) adaptations. Multi-DESP can easily be adjusted from floor level to 83" tall. It weighs less than 6lbs, thus making it ideal for traveling, or attending conferences, or trainings. Multi-DESP is equipped with (2) doors located in the upper and lower arm for placing ink pens or markers, and a name tag to place your name on. It is ideal for Home or Business use, Ministry or Trainings, Home, Private or Public Schools, College Students, Physically Challenged Individuals, Recreation, Camping, and Bunk beds. Convert it into a Laptop Desk, Artist Easel, Recipe Book Holder, Chalkboard Easel, Podium, Bed Stand, Student Desk, Music Stand, Display Easel Stool or Mini-Drafting Table, Desktop, or Bookstand. If you are looking a product that is multi-functional, Multi-DESP can be yours. Please visit our website for more information and pictures.

Semi custom kitchen cabinets, added 7/25/01
Check out these semi custom kitchen cabinet companies next time you buy cabinets at your local home center, building supply, independent distributors and local dealers

Kraftmaid Cabinetry, div of Masco Corp.
15535 S State Ave
PO Box 1055
Middlefield OH 44062
440-632-5648 fax

Starmark Inc div of Masco Corp
600 E 48th St North
Sioux Falls SD 57103
800-755-4434 fax

Fieldstone Cabinetry Inc
600 E 48th St N
Sioux Falls SD 57104
605-336-5574 fax

Omega Cabinetry div of Omega Holdings
1205 Peters Dr
Waterloo IA 50703
319-235-5654 fax

Homecrest Cabinetry div of Omega Holdings
1002 Eisenhower Dr N
Goshen IN 46527
219-535-6766 fax

Medallion Cabinetry Inc an Elkay Co.
180 Industrial Blvd
Waconia MN 55387
952-442-4998 fax

Wood-Mode Inc
1 Second St
Kreamer PA 17833
570-374-2700 fax

Ultracraft div of Norcraft Companies
6163 Old 421 Road
Liberty NC 27298
336-622-3474 fax

Lescare Kitchens, Inc
1 Lescare Dr
Waterbury CT 06705
203-755-4713 fax

Dura Supreme Inc
300 Dura Dr
PO Box K
Howard Lake MN 55349
320-543-3310 fax

Rutt Custom Cabinetry
1564 Main St
PO Box 129
Goodville PA 17528
717-445-3708 fax

Pioneer Cabinetry Inc
301 W Rising St
PO Box 280
Davison MI 48423
810-563-7567 fax

Sit ’n’ Stroll baby stroller/carseat
Safeline Corporation, stroller, added 3/11/01
475 W. 115th Avenue Suite #3
Northglenn, CO 80234
800-829-1625, 303-457-4440
It's a 5 in 1 stroller and the handle locks as low as 2' 10"....wow! It cost $199.00, but when you think about how much it does it's worth it.

Brio Bedside Crib, crib, added 3/11/01
http://www.babycare-direct.com/baby_bedtime_-_cots.html Parents in Europe, where this product is more widely available, rave about this cribs versatility. Features 27 height adjustable options, lockable castors, conventional drop side that easily slides "up-and-over" the crib. The drop side mechanism is smooth, easy to use, and can be operated with one-hand. The cost is in line, or just slightly north of, other high-end cribs.

Computer keyboard, submitted 11/8/00, added 11/25/00
Do you ever run into the problems that the keys on your keyboard is too far apart? Would it be easier to have a smaller keyboard?
Go to this Site: www.datadesktech.com it's called Little Fingers, it's designed for Kids, and it will fit to any computer now, or in the future...that's what the advertisement says for Mac or PCs...and maybe others.

Dr. Megan Kirshbaum, Executive Director Through the Looking Glass
(510) 848-1112

Virginia Knowlton, Legislative Advocate Protection and Advocacy
(916) 488-9955

California becomes the first state to cover babycare equipment for parents with disabilities

Sacramento, CA, Sept. 19, 2000 - Governor Gray Davis signed into law a bill which allows Medi-Cal coverage for babycare equipment designed to enable a disabled parent to care for his or her child. Although medical devices and services are generally allowable expenses under Medi-Cal, adaptive babycare equipment for disabled parents was not recognized as an allowable coverage. The new bill clarifies that California Medi-Cal officials have the authority to approve such expenditures. AB 2152, authored by Assembly Member Dion Aroner (D-Berkeley), passed by both houses of the Legislature with bipartisan support, was signed by the Governor on 9/14/00, and will become effective 1/1/01. The bill was co-sponsored by Protection and Advocacy, Inc. (PAI), a nonprofit disability rights organization that works with persons with disabilities to advocate for their human, legal and service rights, and Through the Looking Glass, which is the National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities.

When a parent becomes disabled due to disease or an accident, or when a disabled individual becomes a parent, certain parenting tasks may be difficult to perform. A wheelchair user, for instance, may need special devices or equipment modification to help lift a child in and out of a crib. In a national survey of parents with disabilities, Through the Looking Glass found that adaptive parenting equipment was one of the four highest priority areas of concern.

Through the Looking Glass has found that appropriate adaptive parenting equipment can substantially increase involvement in baby care, prevent secondary disability complications, and substantially affect positive outcomes in custody and adoption situations. (Parenting with a Disability, Publication of Through the Looking Glass, Volume 6, Number 1, Fall, 1998).

According to PAI, California Medi-Cal officials have had the authority to approve expenditures for equipment to enable a disabled parent to care for his or her child, but in many cases Medi-Cal has resisted approving these expenditures. This bill simply clarifies that Medi-Cal is responsible for including such equipment as an allowable type of durable medical equipment. By providing such equipment to a disabled parent, the bill intends to support families in which a parent is disabled and thus prevent unnecessary out-of-home placement of the children.

California's new law may prove to be an example for the country. Already, other states throughout the country are taking note of this new legislation. Currently under federal Medicaid law, medical and remedial devices and services are allowable expenses under the Medicaid program. Several states are currently reviewing their Medicaid systems and will look to California for guidance.

For further information contact:
Through the Looking Glass
2198 Sixth St., Suite 100
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 848-1112

Protection & Advocacy, Inc.
100 Howe Avenue, Suite 185N
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 488-9955

Sears electric range with an accessible reach, added 9/15/99 
Sears Kenmore 30" electric free-standing range, Model number 911.62071 or Model number 911.62078.  There is no oven light inside the oven however, and no window on the door.  No clock or timer on the top panel.  Offered by Dawn Beanie7739@aol.com

Car seats, added 9/6/99
Our son David hit 20 pounds at 12 months, but was only 26 inches.  At this time we began looking for a toddler carseat.  We found that the five point harnesses fit him the best, rather than the T-shield or barrier-type harnesses.  The barrier type harnesses actually seemed dangerous to us, the barrier was too close to his head when fastened, because he sits so low in the carseat.  We bought a Britax Freeway and a Century Ovation, and both fit David just fine.  The Britax is more expensive but he likes it because it sits high in the car, enabling him to see out the windows. suggested by mailto:ldbailyn@hotmail.com

Alpha Omega Car seat, added 9/6/99 
The One Step Ahead catalog (1-800-274-8440) has an Alpha Omega Car seat which is rear-facing to 30 pounds then forward facing to 40 pounds and a booster seat until 70 pounds. It has 3 position incline and a removable pillow.  It's expensive - $149.95.  But it should last awhile... suggested by mailto:g_ingah@qualcomm.com

"Safe Embrace Booster Car Seat" model 79750, added 9/6/99 
My almost 8 year old achon son (38" and 35 lbs.) is currently using a Fisher-Price "Safe Embrace Booster Car Seat"  model 79750.  It uses the regular backseat shoulder harness and seat belt (in a 1990's model car.)  It has the advantage of raising him up several inches so he can see out the window, as others have mentioned.  He is just becoming aware that other kids around his age don't have any kind of carseat.  I've tried to emphasize the window advantage and that this carseat is much more grown up than the last one he had. suggested by mailto:Mjzrricker@aol.com

Accessible Designs / Adjustable Systems Inc, added 9/6/99 
Kitchen products, workplace furniture, healthcare furniture
94 North Columbus Rd
Athens  OH  45701-1312
740-593-5240 voice
740-593-7155 FAX

Ankele's Upholstery, added 8/19/99 
custom furniture
P.O.Box 65482
Vancouver Wa. 98665
To obtain detailed specifics and to view photos of these universally designed products which are described below point your browsers thusly: http://www.frigidaire.com, added 6/12/99 

Feature-Frigidaire Appliances Meet Special Access Needs

AUGUSTA, Georgia -- From the kitchen to the laundry room, Frigidaire designers are helping persons with disabilities with products that meet special needs while satisfying all consumers with many advanced features.

Frigidaire designers have combined a sense of research-based ergonomics with the ease of use in meeting the needs of today’s special needs user. Such features -- often referred to as "Universal Design" -- are convenient and appreciated by all consumers.

"Our emphasis is on how people use their appliances in everyday life," says Jay Penney, vice president of appliance sales and marketing. "Users have varying needs when choosing appliances, so we spend time to make all of our products easy to understand and to use."

Penney cited Frigidaire’s Side-Swing Door Electric Convection Wall Oven and Gallery Tumble Action Washer as two examples of user-friendly products.

The oven’s door swings to the side allowing direct access to the oven cavity. With the door off to the side, this design makes it easier for a person in a wheelchair to reach inside the oven. With touch pad controls, the fully featured self-cleaning convection oven also may be installed at a lower height under a counter.  Side-swing oven Product Number #FEB786CCB

Laundry accessibility is unmatched with the Frigidaire Gallery Tumble Action Washer that loads from the front. The front loading design and front mounted controls of the washer and matching dryer make independence in doing laundry possible for many people who would otherwise have no options. In addition, the washer is the most energy efficient washer available - saving 8,000 gallons of water and approximately $90 in utility bills annually.  Front Load Washer Product Number # FWT449GFS, Front Load Dryer Product Number #FSE748GFS.

Such savings also qualify the Tumble Action Washer for recognition in the prestigious Energy Star program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Besides ovens, washers and dryers, Frigidaire provides a full range of other accessible appliances with various installation applications. These include slide-in and drop-in ranges with up-front controls, side-by-side refrigerator / freezers and the Precision water line of dishwashers with touch controls.

Frigidaire appliances are the designated appliances in homes built by Amherst Homes of Cincinnati, Ohio, one of the few exclusive Universal Design homebuilders in the USA.

The Americans with Disabilities Act raises awareness of our responsibility to knock down the physical barriers for citizens who need different means of going about the business of everyday life. Frigidaire designers are sensitive to building in features that result in appliances that help add to a person's independence in their homes. In addition, these user-friendly features are convenient for all consumers, not just persons with disabilities.

"We believe all users appreciate the opportunity to have easy to use, full featured appliances to enhance their convenience and independence of life," Penney said. "Our goal is to provide them with innovative selections that fit user needs, room designs and locations."

Based in Augusta, Ga., Frigidaire Home Products is a leading manufacturer of household appliances and lawn and garden products. Its appliance products include refrigerators, gas and electric ranges, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, food freezers, room air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

Century Ovation carseat, added 6/3/99 
Just switched daughter to a Century Ovation carseat, which is also called a Century Encore carseat depending on the fabric.  It has a T-shield rather than a bar that pulls down over her.  The straps can be let loose to allow room to get her head out simply by pulling on a ring.  When we put her in, we simply pull on a single strap to fit it snug over her shoulders.  It has a button that lets you adjust the T-shield up and down so that it fits close to her thighs.  It also has two different places to snap the T-shield in at the crotch, to allow for growth.  It seemed a bit narrower at the top than some of the models I looked at, which allows her to lean her head against the side when she sleeps, rather than it rolling around like its going to break off!

Adjustable Exam Table, added 6/3/99 
Quite some time ago, a good friend shared information about this universally accessible examination table, which basically lowers to wheelchair height-about 19".  It was designed by an ob-gyn specialist in pregnancy and disability, who happens to be disabled herself.  Apparently, the table can accommodate most patient's physical abilities or limitations.  It comes complete with lots of power operated gadgets including interchangeable and completely adjustable foot attachments. Anyway, if you think your Physician would be interested, here's the URL: http://sexualhealth.com/wheelchair_accessible_powermatic.htm

IKEA, added 6/3/99 
We looked at lots of furniture for our LP son before we bought two 3-drawer dressers from IKEA.  The product name was "Kurs", I think.  These dressers were about $149-159 each.  They come in several wood tones (we chose beech) and a few colors.  The drawers glide VERY smoothly and are VERY easy for our son to open and close.  They are very well made, and we were so impressed with them that we also bought 3 more for our average-sized daughter and her husband.

American Standard toilet, added 6/3/99 
A special low toilet (tank & bowl) that's made especially for and used by children in schools etc.  American Standard sells them under the name "Baby Devoro".   This height of the toilet is only 10" from the rim (toilet seat) to the floor.  The standard toilet is usually 14" from rim to floor.

Kohler, added 6/3/99 
9" toilet

Pack & Roll Cart, added 5/6/99 
Save your back from lugging grocery bags or heavy, bulky, hard-to-handle items.  This large capacity cart measures 14 1/2" W x 13" L x 12" D and has smooth-rolling wheels to transport up to 55 pounds with ease.  Contructed of rugged plastic with retractable aluminum handle that will not rust, the cart folds to an 18" square for storage or easy transport.  It is in a catalog from: Dr. Leonard's Healthcare Catalog, 42 Mayfield Avenue, P.O. Box 7821, Edison NJ  08818-7821, Phone: 1-800-785-0880, The price is $16.99 Catalog #45633  Pack & Roll Cart
Shopping carts, added 5/6/99 
Those folding shopping carts at can be found at Giant and CVS.  They're about $30.  I recently found something else that is pretty cool.  It's called "Pack & Roll" and is available from the Dr. Leonard catalogue (1-800-785-0880) for $16.99.  I just placed a picture of it on one of our web sites: http://pixelscapes.com/extrastuff  This is my all-purpose web site, so that I don't have to send attachments, so there are a few other things there, like the Dirt Devil Roommate Vac.
Flexi-Chair, added 5/6/99 
The One Step Ahead Catalog for Late Winter 1999 (prices effective until April 30, 1999) has on pg. 35 a Flexi-Chair which accomodates from 6 months to adult for $99.95 with a separately sold velcro chintz cushion for $19.95.  I've seen others which seem comparable so far which cost over $150.  Their web address is http://www.onestepahead.com, and their phone number is 1-800-274-8440.
Kettler Kids Chair, added 5/6/99
* Silver finish steel frame
* Flexible support structure
* Four differant height adjustments
* Laminated wood seat
* Adjustable seat forward and backward
* Adjustable backrest
Chair  #6710-017 $155.00
Tripp Trapp Chair, added 5/6/99 
The uniquely adjustable Scandinavian chair design that grows with your child from toddler to teen.
Lightswitches, added 5/6/99 
Target also sells light switch covers that replace your existing cover and have two strings that go down the wall --- one has a moon and one has a sun attached to the end of the string.  You can pull the sun to turn it on and the moom to turn it off.  We have them all over the house, works wonderful for my 3 year old achon.

Get old curtain rods, canes,  or some type of sticks and place one next to each light switch.  Your child can use that to push on the switch.  Wide rocker arm switches, I believe, you only have to push the top or bottom of it to make it work.

One Step Ahead catalog has these.  On pg. 7 of the Late Winter 1999 catalog (prices effective through April 30, 1999), they sell light switch extenders that glow in the dark  - one for $8.95 or two for $7.95 each. Their web address is http://www.onestepahead.com and their number is 1-800-274-8440.

Here's new technology for you to consider!  The "Voice Activated Light Switch" which can also control electricity for any small electrical appliance that may be physically unreachable by turning it on or off at the command of your voice.  http://www.dynamic-living.com/voice_activated_switch.htm

For everything you ever wanted (or didn't) want to know about this voice sensory automated switch, which apparently won the "American Voice Input/Output Society's 1997 Best Consumer Product of the Year Award" (whatever that means), go directly to the manufacturer's URL by pointing your browser thusly: http://www.vossystems.com  Incidentally, it's cheaper if ordered directly through Vos Systems!

There's also a device that you install in a ceiling fan/light and it comes with a remote control.  It's pretty handy but it's pricey (about $75) but I think it's worth it.  You can turn off the light and adjust the fan anywhere in the room, especially in bed!  I think my husband found it at Wal-Mart.  Hope this helps.

Doorknobs, added 5/6/99 
Our five year old house has, instead of doorknobs, levers (supposedly a more upscale look). Well, now that my son is 3, and wants to do things for himself, I have discovered an easy way for him to open the door. I simply looped some ribbon in a nook that is on the end of the lever. It won't slip off, is barely noticeable, and allows him to open doors as he pleases. His preferred method was to drag a step stool over, and then open it; however, when the door opens outwards, he might fall if he is leaning against it. When the door opens inwards, the stool is in the way.
Stools@Stoll, added 1/13/99
photos coming soon!
"Cuddle Me Close Crib", added 1/13/99
http://www.wal-mart.com   link specifically to Cuddle me close crib
"Bedside co-sleeper", added 4/7/98, updated 1/13/99
It's kind of like a porta-crib, with a side that folds down to mattress level so you can reach the baby from bed.  It converts to a playpen, and the fold-down side makes it easier for short statured parents or wheelchair users to pick up a child (or so the catalog says).  The catalog lists it as item #2173NF, priced at $189.95 US.  Looks like an ordinary playpen with a bassinet on it, but one of the sides folds down for either easier changing, or to put it right next to your bed, and it is about the same level.  It says it is great for wheelchairs or people of short stature. Available through "One Step Ahead" - Early Spring 1998 - 800-274-8440, crib is on page 21, item #H, $189.99 and has a carrying bag for portability.
Light switch extender available through catalog - "Perfectly Safe" - 1-800-837-KIDS, The light switch extender is on page 40., added 4/7/98
"Gerry Fold-Away Maple Crib" with a gate like feature that is on hinges and opens outward.  Available through Service Merchandise for $99.99. In the 97/98 catalog on page 503, #11.  It has an outward folding gate and the crib is a little bit smaller than an average crib., added 4/7/98
Our primary car seat is made by a company called "Snug Seat" and the model is called "The Gorilla Seat".  Provides excellent trunk and head support.  It sells for about $500.00 but may be able to get it for *free* from the State of Maine.  General Motors gave Maine 5 Gorilla car seats for distribution to families with children with special needs.  It has to be tethered in the car which is an anchor point on the floor of our mini-van.  It makes the car seat very secure. I've heard that all car seats in Canada have to be tethered and that the US is moving toward that regulation.  The second car seat that we have is for my husband's car (the Gorilla Seat is not easily transferable from car to car) is a Century Breverra.  It's a booster car seat that  provides good trunk and head support.  It was recommended by a physical therapist.  Bought it on sale at Service Merchandise for $45.00.
SIT-N-STROLL STROLLER (added 10/3/97)
The Sit-N-Stroll Stroller is a car seat and stroller in one.  It is designed to sit in EITHER rear-facing or front-facing direction, UP TO 40 POUNDS.  The company's phone number is 1-800-829-1625, and costs about $189.00, plus tax and shipping.  The other added benefit is that it is airline certified.  The depth of the seat is 9.5".
This unique car seat/car bed is the only patented mass manufactured type of it's kind that has the ability to recline to a COMPLETELY flat position (Cosco representatives claim they exclusively hold the patent to this particular design). It's got total back support and also includes three additional adjustable reclining positions. Used for infants and babies up to 20 lbs. It's perfect for preemies or special babies with small airways or breathing difficulties, large heads which are difficult to support, & spinal complications. Price runs approximately $50 to $70 dollars and can be found at Toys 'R Us, some catalogs, and general department stores. We have been using one for our son Matthew and highly recommend it!
COMBI (added 5/23/97)
Manufactures sturdy, very compact, long lasting, super light weight strollers, with total back support for baby, complete with an adjustable height handle. They are mostly made of aluminum and plastic with all parts replaceable! This brand name can only be found at specialty baby shops. They are very expensive, can really take a beating and well worth it! Our first COMBI stroller which is now 5 years old and still going strong weighs in at 7 lbs. Original purchase price was $200.00 however, on a very RARE occasion they go on sale... we paid $140.00. Double stroller made by Combi weighs a mere 20 lb.. and costs $450.00. They also have a pretty good resale value... when your finished with it. Yes, expensive but well worth it to a short statured mom!
Century Smart Fit Infant Car Seat (added 5/23/97)
Supposed to be OK for preemies, etc., due to their underdeveloped lung capacity, etc. I would assume it's OK for dwarf babies that need that kind of support. I DO know that umbrella strollers of any kind are OUT!
CHICCO Mondial stroller (added 5/23/97)
Excellent quality in many areas. The padding is very comfortable, the carriage lies down completely flat, the wheels lock into pivotal or straight positions, there is a weather boot which is nearly completely air tight, the front safety bar is removable for older children who can climb into the stroller themselves -- but best of all for the dwarf community -- the handle bar easily adjusts to many different heights for shorter parents. Priced at about $300. The COMBI strollers and PEG PEREGO strollers that we found are excellent in quality, but would not lock down into a completely flat position.
the ErgoChair for lp's, updated 7/27/99, 9/17/00, updated 3/19/01 
ADAPTIVE LIVING/ErgoChair, office furniture

Robert Van Etten, Rehabilitation Engineer

4981 SE Sterling CIR
Stuart FL 34997-6519
561-781-6153 voice

561-781-9179 FAX

e-mail: vanetten@adelphia.net

The ErgoChair for lp's adjusts so that the back-rest supports your back while at the same time allowing your knees to bend at the edge of the seat. You can also adjust the height of the chair to raise up to a standard height desk or lower to a reduced height desk. Whatever height you choose for the chair, your feet can be supported by an adjustable foot-rest.  Features: seat with: * depth of 11"-14" * width of 18" * tilt adjustment of 10 degrees, standard pneumatic lift: (range 16.5"-22"), backrest adjustable for height & angle, durable fabric or vinyl upholstery, five star base with casters. For more information or in ordering instructions and forms, please see our home page. http://home.adelphia.net/~vanetten/
New portable EZ-Step
(added 8/11/97, updated 3/19/01)

Makes going up and down stairs easier

701-662-5615 / 800-741-2568 voice
800-741-2568 fax
P.O. Box 138
Devils Lake, ND 58301
e-mail: ez-step@ez-step.com

Contact person: Duane Loberg e-mail: duane@ez-step.com
Special discount to members if they contact me directly.
A unique new product that makes using stairs easier; fosters greater independence; is inexpensive; non-permanent; does not disrupt the normal use of the stairway.
PEBBLE ENTERPRISES, footstool, updated 4/13/97
Suite 607, One St Clair Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario M4T 2V7
416-929-4644 voice
416-929-4649 FAX
TOWER STOOLS. 8", 10, 12" stools
Donna Henschel
PO Box 337
Faith SD 57626-0337
800-568-4228, 605-967-2418 voice
605-967-2419 FAX
Tripp Trapp (added 5/23/97)
Equipment Shop
P.O. Box 33
Bedford, MA 01730
The uniquely adjustable Scandinavian chair that grows with your child. Tripp Trapp adjusts easily to seat infants to adults with proper seat depth, back, and foot support at any standard height table. The base price is approximately $170.00. Accessories such as a tray, seat belt, and seat pommel.
Kik step stools, N91-64311, $42.50 + s & h (a library type stool)
W5527 Hwy 106
PO Box 800
Fort Atkinson WI 53538-0800
800-558-2110 voice
800-835-2329 FAX
414-563-9571 voice/TDD

Adoptions, etc.

"Russian Adoption Handbook:
How to Adopt a Child from Russia, Ukraine, & Kasakstan"

by John H. MacLean / Published September 2000
added 11/25/00 
Available for purchase & mailorder directly through Amazon.com
Amazon.com customer review
Very detailed book on how to adopt a child from Russia. Covers everything from paper work to medical issues. Written by someone who had successfully adopted children and understood the process and challenges. This book is a great investment if you are even thinking of an international adoption!

LPA Adoption Service: The purpose of this service is to find a loving home for every dwarf child. Our role is to act as a link between perspective parents and adoption agencies that represent dwarf children. Please note that we are not an adoption agency, but a referral source only. By outreaching to adoption agencies, doctors, hospitals and geneticists and others, we are able to locate available dwarf children for adoptions, and perspective parents who are interested in adopting. By conducting this outreach, we have successfully connected perspective parents to adoption agencies representing available dwarf child, resulting in an adoption.
     The LPA adoption service is not limited to the dwarf community. Average size parents are more than welcome.

Bicycles, custom

Kettler International, added 4/12/00
For the best functional design, quality, and safety for your short statured child consider the German product-line of Kettler International. The low-center of gravity, wide rubber tread tires, and steel frame, makes these trikes virtually tip-proof. Other safety features include large slip-resistant pedals, high-back contoured seat with four adjustable positions, and safety handgrips. Again the low-center of gravity of these products makes them safe, stable and easy to ride for an LP child. Depending on each individual child, very little or no modifications are needed. Be sure to check-out their line of cars, too! Can be purchased at "Toys 'for' Us" and/or ordered through Back to Basics Toys, Games, & Hobbies. To receive a catalog call 800-356-5360 or visit http://www.basictoys.com

Back to Basics, added 4/12/00
The Radio-Flyer Scoot-Along Trike for the Tiniest Rider is light, easy to maneuver, and ideal for the smallest rider. Features a wood body and seat, tubular steel handlebars, and red vinyl grips that provide easy steering for little hands. Can be purchased through most toy stores and/or ordered through Back to Basics Toys, Games, & Hobbies. To receive a catalog call 800-356-5360

Diamondback, added 4/12/00
For a two-wheel trainer bicycle the Diamondback Micro-Viper, requiring absolutely no modifications, is a very solid sturdy bicycle which works quite well for our seven year old LP son. A perfect fit, heavy-duty quality, plus 12" wheels with rubber tires can be purchased through sporting goods stores or go directly to the Diamondback website for a photo and more detailed information -- http://www.diamondback.com/kids/tyke_micro.htm.

For the best functional design, quality, and safety for your short statured child consider the German product-line of Kettler International.  The low-center of gravity, wide rubber tread tires, and steel frame, makes these trikes virtually tip-proof.  Other safety features include large slip-resistant pedals, high-back contoured seat with four adjustable positions, and safety handgrips.  Again the low-center of gravity of these products makes them safe, stable and easy to ride for a dwarf child.  Depending on each specific child, very little or no modifications are needed.  Be sure to check-out their line of cars,  too!  Can be purchased at "Toys 'for' Us" and/or ordered through Back to Basics Toys, Games, & Hobbies.  To receive a catalog call 800-356-5360 or visit http://www.basictoys.com  Info offered by Mary Aucott@prodigy.net, added 9/15/99 

The Radio-Flyer Scoot-Along Trike for the Tiniest Rider is light, easy to maneuver, and ideal for the smallest rider.  Features a wood body and seat, tubular steel handlebars, and red vinyl grips that provide easy steering for little hands.  Can be purchased through most toy stores  and / or ordered through Back to Basics Toys, Games, & Hobbies.  To receive a catalog call 800-356-5360 or visit http://www.basictoys.com  Info offered by Mary Aucott@prodigy.net, added 9/15/99 

For a two-wheel trainer bicycle the Diamondback Micro-Viper, requiring absolutely no modifications, is a very solid sturdy bicycle.  A perfect fit, heavy-duty quality, plus 12" wheels with rubber tires can be purchased through sporting goods stores or go directly to the Diamondback website for a photo and more detailed information -- http://www.diamondback.com/kids/tyke_micro.htm.
Diamondbacks complete line of kids bikes can be located at:

http://www.diamondback.com/kids/tykes.htm  Info offered by Mary Aucott@prodigy.net, added 9/15/99 

Fat Wheels, added 8/19/99 
Bicycle training wheels

Kevin Bulson,  mechinnov@compuserve.com

Mechanical Innovations, Inc. 

P.O. Box 220649 

Charlotte, NC 28222 

(704) 364-1574 voice

(704) 364-1575 FAX

"Joshua's trike", added 12/31/97
As seen at Atlanta National Conference 1997
Angela Pate
Route 1, Box 448
Pheba MS 39755
Call or write to Angela about the feasibility, cost and/or possibilities of having a trike similar to Joshua's built for you or your child! See story "A Different View", page 29 LPA TODAY / Summer-Fall, 1997 for more insight.
ATHERTON BICYCLES, updated 1/23/03
817-478-5509 voice & FAX
Boyd Atherton
KENNEDALE TX 76060-4800
We have tried a couple and have found one that can reached with hardly any adaptations. (blocks on the pedals) Made by a company called Kettler International and it's called a "supertrike". Seen at Toys R Us and some mail order catalogs!
Radio Flyer riding toy, added 10/3/97
Someone posted an inquiry regarding the ride on toy made by Radio Flyer.  Yesterday at the mall I saw one at the store called IMAGINARIUM in the Bellevue Square, Bellevue, Washington.  It retailed for $33.00.  Very cute!  Their phone number: (425) 453-5288

Catalogs - handicapped/disabled products/services 
& related web sites / links

ABILITY Magazine, added 3/11/01

Go to
www.house.gov & www.senate.gov to find information on your representatives in Congress or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121
submitted 8/18/00, added 11/25/00

Tech Connections
Wil Morales, Mentor Coordinator
490 Tenth St.
Atlanta GA 30318
1-877-TEK-SEEK or 404-385-0639
404-385-0641 fax
Connecting people and assistive technology through information and training
submitted 8/22/00, added 11/26/00

National Business and Disability Council
submitted 7/22/00, added 11/26/00

Disability Related Links on the Web, by A. Lourash, added 8/19/99 

DO-IT is: added 8/19/99 
*People with disabilities successfully pursuing academics and careers. 
*Programs to promote the use of technology to maximize the independence, productivity and participation of people with disabilities. 
*Recipient of the National Information Infrastructure Award; Education and the President's Award of Excellence in Mentoring and showcased at The President's summit on Volunteerism. 
*Resources for you! 
Closing the Gap, added 8/19/99 
Computers are tools that can provide solutions to many problems facing people with disabilities today. Closing The Gap, Inc. is an organization that focuses on computer technology for people with special needs through its bi-monthly newspaper, annual international conference and extensive web site. 
*Published six times a year, the Closing The Gap newspaper highlights hardware and software products appropriate for people with special needs, and explains how this technology is being implemented in education, rehabilitation, and vocational settings around the world. 
Women with Disabilities, added 8/19/99 
Hotline from 9 AM to 6 PM
1-800-994-9662 (voice)
1-888-220-5446 (TTY)
This new site from the National Women's Health Information Center offers a plethora of resources of interest to women with disabilities and those who work and live with them. Divided into topical areas such as abuse, parenting, and sexuality, the site has a range of information about different types of disabilities and how they may particularly affect women. Also provided is information on federal laws and regulations that protect those with disabilities as well as extensive lists of services and support resources. A section on statistics may prove especially useful to researchers and educators. This site has literally hundreds of helpful links and publications and will be useful to both the general public and professionals.
The Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet is sponsored by the Disability Resources Monthly newsletter. Here you can find articles from the newsletter, plus links to a vast amount of information available on the Internet. The site is searchable and can be accessed through an index. A great way to get started is to browse the DRM WebWatcher section, which highlights "interesting topics" and new or updated sites on the Web. You can also find specific information on disability resources by state, as well as information for parents of and advocates for people with disabilities.  http://www.geocities.com/~drm/

Job Accommodation Network, added 6/12/99 
Small Business and Self-Employment Service (SBSES)
A Service of the President's Committee on
Employment of People with Disabilities
West Virginia University
918 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Ste. 1
Morgantown, WV 26506-6080
800 526-7234 US
800 526-2262 Canada
304 293-7186 International
304 293-5407 FAX

Connections singles personal newsletter, added 6/3/99 
Rick Eanes
470 Executive Center Dr Ste 1A
West Palm Beach  FL 33401

Disability & Medical Resource Mall, added 6/3/99 
Curt F Miller, curt@coast-resources.com

Institute on Independent Living, added 5/6/99
Dr. Adolf Ratzka, Director, mailto:ratzka@independentliving.org
Terry Skehan, Administrator, mailto:skehan@algonet.se
Kris Walmsley, Webmaster, mailto:k.walmsley@swipnet.se
The Teddy Bear Foundation For Achondroplasia, added 5/6/99 
P.O. Box 148,
Fanwood, NJ 07028
Phone:  1-908-889-7666
FAX:  1-908-889-7717
E-mail:  info@teddybearfoundation.org
CD Denison Orthopaedic Appliance Corp., added 3/11/99
220 West 28th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211-3089
410.243.7043 fax
email: denison@erols.com
CARE4U - Aids for Daily Living added 11/20/98
e-mail: custservice@care4u.com
Cripmedia added 9/16/98
    Marketing to the Disabled, Guerrilla Kimberley Barreda runs Cripmedia, an organization offering marketing and advertising services to firms targeting the disabled community.  Barreda reports that the disabled community is responsible for over $700,000,000 per year in consumer spending.

    Barreda, a former professional actor, started the company when she was refused a commercial audition because she used a wheelchair. She realized that the disabled community was being ignored by advertisers. She created the 1998 Consumer With a Disability profile survey. Through a fusion marketing arrangement, Barreda obtained the authoring software from Questionmark Corporation in exchange for full credit.

    The results will be published yearly and an on-going product war page will be featured on their site: http://www.cripworld.com.

The Boulevard (added 9/4/98) http://www.blvd.com/ is a Disability and Healthcare site dedicated to providing valuable information about quality products and services available to healthcare professionals and individuals with disabilities.
Able Data, http://www.abledata.com/, "Putting assistive technology and disability related resources at your fingertips." A service of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, part of the US Department of Education.
Sears Home Health Care Catalog, added 7/2/98
1-800-326-1750 voice
1-800-733-7249 TDD
MOMS Mail Order Medical Supply, added 7/2/98
PO Box 916
Santa Clarita  CA  91380-9967
"One Step Ahead" catalog, added 4/7/98, updated 1/13/99
1-800-274-8440 voice
847-615-7236 FAX
Supplier for Ear Band-It®, item # 3049, $16.95, small, medium, and large; recommended by physicians for swimmers w/ ear tubes or ear drum perforations, helps prevent swimmer's ear, keeps water out; holds earplugs in, http://www.earband-it.com/
"Perfectly Safe" catalog, added 4/7/98
1-800-837-KIDS voice
330-492-8290 FAX
"Sensational Beginnings" catalog
1-800- 444-6058, answers Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST
This catalog also carries the Radio Flyer Tiny Trike and the Kettler International line of trikes and racers.
adaptAbility (added 7/2/97)
1-800-288-9941 voice
1-800-566-6678 FAX
S&S Worldwide is a 90 year old, third generation, manufacturer and distributor of products for early childhood development, recreation, adult care and activities, as well as rehabilitation and therapy. Here at the S&S Worldwide Internet site you will find a sampling of product specific to education, recreation, & healthcare.
Enrichments for Better Living Catalog, adaptive equipment  (added 7/2/97)
1-800-323-5547 in US
1-800-665-9200 in Canada
Sammons Preston is dedicated to providing rehabilitation professionals and caregivers around the world with the rehabilitation, assisted-living and developmental products they need to help clients and loved ones live their lives to the fullest. We carry a wide selection of products for use in home, school, rehabilitation and long-term care facilities.
TherAdapt Products, Inc, updated 5/21/98
17W163 Oak Lane
Bensenville   IL      60106
630-834-2478 FAX
1-800-261-4919, voice
Has lots of types of standing and sitting devices, crutches, canes, tables and desks for all ages, easels for standing and sitting, booster chairs even ones that can go into a high chair and will keep the kid IN, and walkers. All items look to be adjustable for any size as the child grows. Other stuff also in adult sizes. The walker may be just what you need. Catalogs are FREE! Additionally,  We purchased the company formerly known as Special Designs in December.  We are now manufacturing the entire "Special Designs" line of equipment including two new chairs that have not been available before.   One, called the Odyssey, may be of particular interest to those who visit this web site.
AsterTherapy Catalog (updated 7/2/97)
NCM Consumer Products Division
1-800-235-7054 order line
1-800-821-9319 Customer service & product questions
408-938-9923 FAX
PO Box 6070
San Jose, CA 95150-6070
Has a variety of stuff for all sorts of disabilities. Silverware, reachers, exercise items, shower grab bars, toileting aids, keyturners, doorknob turners, can openers, dressing aids, etc. Lots of this stuff would be good with stroke victims and such.
Enabling Devices, A Division of Toys for Special Children
All sorts of toys for visual, hearing, and physically impaired people. Stuff for sensory (touch) stimulation. Aids for vocal communication with the severly impaired. Vocal aids. Great looking stuff!

Clothing, custom

Suits, added 3/11/01
Ralph Lauren
72nd & 867 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 606-2100
Professional and distinguished dressing means serious business for short statured men. The Ralph Lauren Store on Madison Avenue in NYC offers a selection of ready-made superior designer dresswear in husky sizes that are, for the most part, proportioned to fit an achondroplasts physique. Lauren features distinguished suits, sportcoats, dress shirts, belts and ties in the latest styles and colors available today. The store offers free custom alterations, by the way.

Shoes, added 3/11/01
A reader found that so far Sketchers brand fits the best for wide feet. They are also pretty stylish (depending on type) and offer great support, which for many dwarf's with back and leg problems, this is a necessity.

Shoes, added 3/11/01
In Los Angeles, there is a store called Harry Harris that is a children's shoe store and the people who work there are amazing at finding shoes to fit my daughter's wide feet, to the point of taking out insoles and stretching the shoe to make them fit.

La Rukico Hong Kong Tailor
145 East 48th Street, Suite 7F
New York, NY 10017
(212) 832 0725
Why is that tall people often wear suits and jackets that are clearly designed for another body type. You no longer need to do this. You’re probably tired of wearing suits and jackets with short zippers, short sleeves, tight armholes, and poorly fitted collars. At La Rukico, we build suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, and tuxedos to accommodate sophisticated people of all shapes and sizes, including extremely tall people. Just ask Ed “Too Tall” Jones formally of Dallas Cowboys. Clothes that almost fit are not in La Rukico’s vocabulary. We are committed to providing wardrobe solutions for men and women of all sizes and heights. With La Rukico, you will finally be able to enjoy the luxury, quality, and style that you deserve.Kelly6@idt.net
submitted 8/31/00, added 11/25/00

Loafer type sneakers
For those with kids who aren't yet proficient at shoe tying, but really too old for velcro sneakers, and who don't have that wide foot with high instep ... loafer type sneakers. The brand...is "No Rules". The website www.norules.com, lists a number of stores that supposedly carry them like Sears and Macys. They actually fit some dwarfs that don't seem to have the typical achon feet. They may start at kids size 11, so that may eliminate some folks too.
submitted 8/23/00, added 11/25/00

Custom clothing & accessories

The Talbots, adde 5/11/99
During my senior year in high school I, M.A., worked across the street at 175 Beal Street, the Corporate Headquarters for The Talbots which is a specialty retailer and cataloger of women's classic apparel offering quite a large selection of petite size clothing.  However, they do _not_ currently provide custom length in-seam hemming.  To access their website point your browsers thusly:  http://www.talbots.com

CORBY CREATIONS, updated 7/26/99 
Custom made LP clothing -great quality and fit at off-the-rack prices.  Sportswear, jeans, sweaters, dress wear, and coats.
Web site:  http://www.ott.net/~corby/corby.htm
Teresa Corbin-Gooding
218 North Dane
Williamsburg,  KS 66095-8032
785-746-5495 Voice
e-mail:  corby@ott.net

IDEAL FIT, hosiery
Tina Hu
3909 Aldrich Ave S # 5
Minneapolis MN 55409-1460


"How to Find the Shoes You Want", book, added 7/10/99 
by Adeline Rosemire 
Available for purchase & mailorder directly through Amazon.com
Customer Review:  A reader from USA , May 24, 1999  Excellent resource.   "Whether you want to track down a particular manufacturer or are simply looking for shoes that will caress your feet, 'How to Find the Shoes You Want' is an excellent resource."- Mary Gottschalk, Style Writer for the San Jose Mercury News

http://customfoot.com/, added 5/11/99
Naturalizers (you'll find in any mall) and a catalog called Maryland Square 1-800-727-3895, which carries many brands of well made, quality shoes. There are several stores in Manhattan that I know of that carry small sizes and will do mail orders: Carlye Bootery and Giordano's. added 5/6/99 
New Balance Shoes, added 4/5/99
FAX: 847-266-7842
THOSE SHOES, added 3/15/99
Rt 4 Box 551
Weston WV  26452
304-269-7034 fax
CLOGMASTER OF SWEDEN, INC, shoes, added 3/7/99
     Cecilia Tidlund
     440 ½ N La Cienega Blvd
     Los Angeles  CA  90048-1907
     310-657-8083 voice
     310-657-8090 FAX
Hitchcock Shoes Inc. wide shoes added 11/20/98
225 Beal Street
Hingham  MA 02043
(800) 992-WIDE customer service voice: 781-749-3571 / Fax:781-749-3576
email: hitchcock@wideshoes.com
The Comfort Corner, ladies shoes, added 2/28/98
PO Box 649
Dept. 1328052
Nashua, NH 03061
(800) 638-9105
For wide women's shoes try The Comfort Corner.  They offer sizes 4 to 13 in full and half sizes, from wide-wide to (EEE).  For a free catalog call their toll free 800 number.  Information given by Dave Sarles.
Custom Made Orthopedic Shoes
Neufeld Orthopedic Shoe Clinic
Mike, Steve
90-03 Jamaica Ave
Queens, NY
Castro Custom Footwear
835 E. Southern
Mesa, AZ 85204
Just like this other orthopedic place mentioned, he'll make sandals, sneakers, boots, you name it. Plus he is not limited to the color. He makes shoes in all leather colors. He not only limits his work to orthopedic conditions, he's a huge fan of making unique cowboy boots. He's made several for several famous artists.
Luizzi Shoe, Inc.
1717 Main Street P.O. Box 3163
Brockton, MA 02404
If you are interested in custom made shoes, the above company is a wonderful resource. Along with leather shoes, they also have the ability to construct custom made sneakers, choices are all white leather or suede and white leather. I believe prices vary according to each individual and amount of work needed.
McMahon Shoes, dress shoes, (added 5/23/97)
505 Courtland St
Atlanta GA
Alden Shoe Company, shoes, added 3/23/98
1 Taunton St
Middleborough  MA  02346
508-947-3926 voice
508-947-7753 FAX
CINDERELLA OF BOSTON (updated 6/4/97, 5/9/99), ladies shoes
6452 - A Industry Way
Westminster CA 92683
800-274-3338 / 714-899-2020 voice
714-899-2024 FAX
Tailored suits, pants, jeans
Al Montoya, tailored suits
Dallas TX
USA Jeans, custom jeans, added 11/20/98
Voice: 1-800-935-5170, 918-592-JEAN (5326)
Fax: 1-918-592-5326
Country Road Fashions, Ltd., added 7/22
+66 2 208-0996 voice
+66 2 251-3308 FAX
120/91 Rajparop Road, (Beside Indra Hotel)
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Kishore Dawani
Hong Kong Tailors
7610 Davis Field Ln
Springfield VA  22153-1921
703-866-0231 voice & fax
Paul Mohanani
Paul's Creation
6630 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood CA  90028-6275
Sunder Daswani
Tailored Man
11301 Rockville Pike
Kensington  MD  0895-1021
301-984-9655 FAX
Sewing  & Computer program clothing patterns, added 1/9/98
About SEWING DEVICES, added 6/12/99 
Order a catalog from Clotilde and you can browse at your own convenience.  She has nifty needle threaders and self-threading needles are available if not from her, at a fabric store or Nancys Notions.  Nancy has a catalog also. 
Clotilde 800-772-2891, Nancy's Notions 800-833-0690
I've ordered from both of these for years.  They carry more than the local stores and looking thru the catalogs can update those who sew on what's new in the industry.

There are several companies that have a computer clothing program.  I have never personally used one, although I have an average size friend that has and she felt the pattern did not fit her any better then one she buys from a standard pattern company.  I've never talked to anyone short statured that has used one of these programs.  I've done a little research in my sewing magazines and these are the ads that I found:

Sew News Magazine - March 1997
Wild Ginger Software, Inc.
Free Demo.  Create patterns for your designs with Symmetry 2.0. Digitizers, Plotters and Cutters available.  Custom sloper drafting. Pattern making.  Custom pattern alterations.  Grading.  Fabric and marker layout.
Sew News  March 1997:
Water Fountain Software, Inc
13 East 17t Street Dept. SN297
New York, NY   10003
(800) 605-7460    (212) 929-6204
$169 - Personal Patterns 3+ Just Click and Print?  Custom fitted patterns from your computer in minutes.  Click on the picture of the style you want, and print out a complete pattern.  Includes all pattern pieces needed to make garment.  With Personal Patterns 3+ you'll have the patterns for blouses, shirts, skirts, and pants in hundreds of variations.  Styles for all sizes and shapes.  Includes interactive fitting and alterations.  Styles included for men and women.  Edit and save your own sets of measurements.  Also from Water Fountain Software:  $199 - Designer Jackets and Suits $50 - Children's Patterns add $5 S&H demos: $10/each credit cards accepted
Threads Magazine January 1997:
New Dress Shop 2.5 - Windows or MAC
Now offering sets at $49.95 - Pants, Skirts, Blouses, Dresses, Jackets & Vests. or full version only $149.95 (includes all sets)
Threads - January 1997
Pattern Maker - Computer Aided Pattern Design for Windows.
Make, alter, adjust flat patterns on your desktop computer.  Full featured drafting package - if you can do it with a pencil, you can do it with PatternMaker! demo $9.95 s&h, home version $129, expert version $1199, marker version $2499
Patternmaker Software
2029 144th Ave. SE
Bellevue  WA  98007
Threads May 1997:
* Garment Styler - for design and patterns
* Stitch Painter for any craft with grids
IBM, MAC & Amiga
* catalogue $1
Cochenille Design Studio
PO Box 4276 - T
Encinitas  CA  92023
I have had very good results using the pivot & slide method taught by Nancy Zieman in her book & video "Fitting Finesse".  They are available in some fabric stores or through the Nancy's Notions Catalog.
Nancy's Notions
333 Beichl Avenue
PO Box 683
Beaver Dam,  WI  53916-0683
LIVINGSOFT, clothing pattern software
Brian F. Swisher email: lvngsft@psln.com
Annette Schofield email: annettesew@telis.org
PO BOX 819
Susanville CA 96130-0819
800-626-1262 / 916-257-1100 / 916-253-2700 voice
916-253-2703 FAX
Unique Pattern Design Limited, clothing patterns, added 12/31/97
While searching the web, I came across an address for a company that makes patterns to your specific measurements.  You are sent (for about $40) a kit for measuring your body.  It would be worth it to check it out for those who want to sew but not have to fit and adjust.  Taking all the measurements is no easy task usually, so be prepared for the most tedious part. They offer over 100 patterns but only show a few on their web site.  They'll send you a catalog, I believe..... info offered by L. Sawisch, sawisch@voyager.net

Credit card
MBNA Marketing Systems
Kimberly Walsh, Account Executive
16001 North Dallas Parkway
Dallas TX 75248-3399
800-435-9672 voice
972-701-4863 FAX

Educational, videos & books
Many of the books mentioned in this section are available for purchase and mailorder directly through Amazon.com, the earth's largest bookstore!  Looking for a dwarf or non dwarf related book, music or video?  Use this search box by entering related keywords and link directly to Amazon.com's online store!
      Search: Enter keywords...

      Amazon.com logo


Job Access can be reached by accessing www.abilitymagazine.com and clicking on the Job Access link from ABILITY.
submitted 11/21/00, added 11/25/00

JobAccess.org is an internet employment site for people with disabilities. JobAccess has partnered with Headhunter.com (formerly known as CareerMosaic) - the leading employment site on the Web with more than five million visits each month. Together JobAccess increases accessibility of quality jobs for people with disabilities through an internet employment network for companies, government and non-profit organizations.
submitted 11/21/00, added 11/25/00

By Kellie Lunney

Requests by disabled federal employees and applicants for reasonable workplace accommodations must be processed promptly and fairly, according to new guidance issued Friday by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The EEOC guidance on Executive Order 13164 defines "reasonable accommodation" as a change in the work environment or application process that allows a disabled person to enjoy equal employment opportunities. For example, agencies must provide application forms in large print or Braille for visually impaired individuals.

The three categories for reasonable accommodation for disabled people include: making application forms accessible; making adjustments in the workplace-such as providing sign language interpreters-so that employees are able to perform essential job functions; and making the workplace comfortable by removing physical barriers.

"This guidance will help create additional opportunities for people with disabilities in the federal workplace," said EEOC Chairwoman Ida L. Castro. "By assuring that federal managers address reasonable accommodation requests in a prompt, fair and efficient manner, the guidance will remove workplace barriers that might otherwise confront qualified individuals with disabilities, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential."

Full story: http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/1000/102300M1.htm
submitted 11/21/00, added 11/25/00

Department of Rehabilitation Jobs Page
submitted 7/25/00, added 11/25/00

added 9/15/99 
Jan on the web- Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is not a job placement service, but an international toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with disabilities. JAN also provides information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Jan on the web Employment Resources

Job Accommodation Network, added 6/12/99 
Small Business and Self-Employment Service (SBSES)

A Service of the President's Committee on

Employment of People with Disabilities

West Virginia University

918 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Ste. 1

Morgantown, WV 26506-6080

800 526-7234 US

800 526-2262 Canada

304 293-7186 International

304 293-5407 FAX


Exercise video
Pam Prentice
6539 Sunnyland Lane
Dallas, TX  75214-3124
The PERFECT LITTLE BODY WORKOUT video is an all inclusive workout for all body types.  It demonstrates low impact aerobic exercises that work toward toning and strengthening all major muscle groups.  Pam, who has achondroplasia, walks you through each exercise with energy, confidence, and encouragement.  One could be wheelchair bound or even of average stature to reap benefits from this video.  The Perfect Little Body Work Out video sells for $29.95, plus shipping $3.50, for a total of $33.45.  Contact Pam Prentice to order or if you have questions regarding health, nutrition, and exercise.

Billy Barty
929 W Olive Ave Ste C
Burbank CA 91506-2209
800-891-4022, 818-953-5410 voice
818-953-7129 FAX
"A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul", $15.99 includes s & h
PO Box 5967-A
Clinton IA 52739-5967

submitted 11/17/00, added 11/25/00

(also check disabilities link on this address)

submitted 11/17/00, added 11/25/00

Elks National Foundation Seeks Applicants for "Most Valuable Student" Scholarship Competition

Deadline: January 12, 2001

The Elks National Foundation (http://www.elks.org/enf/home.cfm) will award 500 four-year scholarships to the highest-rated boys and girls in the 2001 competition. Any high school senior who is a citizen of the United States is eligible to apply. Applicants need not be a member of the Elks. Applicants will be judged on financial need, leadership ability, and educational accomplishments.

Ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 per year, Most Valuable Student scholarships are for students pursuing a four-year degree, on a full-time basis (minimum of 12 semester hours), at a U.S. college or university. The program (male and female students compete separately) is open to any student in the graduating class of a high school or its equivalent who is a resident within the jurisdiction of the BPO Elks of the USA. Applications must advance through local, district, and state competition to reach the national competition. Applications available online. To find your local Elks lodge visit: http://www.elks.org/LocalLodges.cfm.

Contact: Eliza Lazar
Programs Coordinator
Elks National Foundation
2750 N. Lakeview Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
Tel: (773) 755-4864
Email: ElizaL@elks.org

RFP Link: http://www.elks.org/enf/mvs.cfm
submitted 11/15/00, added 11/25/00

White House Announces Deadline for White House Fellowships

Deadline: February 1, 2001

Since 1964, the White House Fellowships have offered a select group of outstanding men and women a year-long opportunity to participate in government at the highest levels. Between 11 to 19 fellows are chosen each year to serve as full-time, paid assistants to members of the Cabinet and senior White House staff. Fellows also participate in an education and travel program that complements their work assignment and enhances their development as leaders. Fellows are given a salary of approximately $74,000.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a U.S. citizen. Employees of the federal government are not eligible, unless they are career military personnel. Applicants should be out of school and working in their chosen professions, and are expected to have a record of remarkable achievement early in their careers, the potential to be leaders in their professions, and a proven commitment to public service. There are no formal age restrictions; however, as a result of the selection criteria, the average age of fellows typically is between 31 and 33. For more information on the program and to receive an application, visit the White House Fellows Web site.

President's Commission on White House Fellowships
712 Jackson Place, NW
Washington, DC 20503

RFP Link: http://www.whitehousefellows.gov
submitted 11/6/00, added 11/25/00

All-Ink.com College Scholarship Program
All Areas of Study
The All-Ink.com College Scholarship Program is open to all students. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required. Scholarships are given two times a year. The respective application deadline dates are: December 31 and July 31. All requests for applications must be done online. No mail-in requests will be accepted. For an online application and complete instructions, please visit the web site.
Email for additional information scholarship@all-ink.com
submitted 7/24/00, added 11/26/00

New York City-based Children's Scholarship Fund ...(http://www.scholarshipfund.org/) has announced that it will offer $50 million in partial scholarships to under- privileged children this fall, the New York Times reports.

The gift from CSF co-founder Theodore J. Forstmann is designed to help fill 7,500 empty spots in New York City's private and parochial schools. Forstmann, a billionaire who made his fortune from leveraged buyouts in the '80s, believes that a "government monopoly" in elementary and secondary education has stifled competition and innovation in public education and disenfranchised parents in the process.

"Who should be in charge of the education of a child -- the parent or the government?" asked Forstmann in an interview with the Times. "Certainly most of the parents in America would say, 'Of course, it should be me.' But if they can't pick the school, they can't pick the subjects, and they can't pick who teaches the subjects, then would you please tell me what they are in charge of?"

The Children's Scholarship Fund was created in 1997 by Forstmann and John T. Walton, son of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, after both men donated $50 million to start the fund and then raised $80 million in additional donations -- money that is being used to help fund four years of private or parochial school for 40,000 children from low-income families around the country. Participating families -- more than 1,900 in New York City alone -- are selected lottery-style from a pool of applicants and are required to contribute approximately $1,000 annually toward tuition.

Wyatt, Edward. "Charity Offers Scholarships to 7,500 More." New York Times 05/20/2000 http://fdncenter.org/pnd/current/003395.html
submitted 5/30/00, added 11/26/00

Target Announces Scholarship Programs for Students and Teachers

Deadline: November 1

Each year, Target (http://target.com/) awards scholarships to well-rounded high school seniors and college students who are committed to community service and education. In addition, Target also awards a total of $1 million each year to teachers and administrators for continuing education and staff development.

Eligible applicants for the Target All-Around Scholarship include high school seniors, high school graduates, and current college students who are legal U.S. residents (age 24 and under). Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school in the U.S. no later than the fall term of the 2001-2002 school year. Target will award five $10,000 scholarships and more than 1,900 scholarships of $1,000 (two per Target store).

Two targeted audiences are eligible to compete for scholarships offered through the Target Teachers Scholarships program: a) legal U.S. residents who are full- or part-time teachers or administrators working 20 hours or more per week at schools participating in the company's Take Charge of Education initiative; and b) participating Take Charge of Education teachers or administrators who wish to bring a speaker or staff development opportunity to their school to benefit the rest of the staff. Eligible schools will be determined by Target. Target will award two scholarships per Target store of $500 each, as long as there are at least two qualified applicants per store. Target will also award 144 awards of $1,000 each.

Applications and guidelines for both scholarship programs available online.

Contact: Target All-Around Scholarship Program Manager Tel: (800) 537-4180

submitted 5/1/00, added 11/26/00

USA Group Announces New Scholarship Program

USA Group (http://www.usagroup.com/) plans to award up to $10 million in scholarships over the next three to five years. In 2000, USA Group scholarships will benefit approximately 600 to 700 high school seniors or graduates. Depending on their documented financial need, scholarship recipients will receive $1,000 to $2,000 toward their higher education expenses. Applicants must either belong to an ethnic minority group or have a documented physical disability in accordance with federal legal requirements. Applications and specific scholarship details available online.

submitted 4/4/00, added 11/26/00

Health / hygiene / ADL / medical

The Solution ComfortSeat by Great Ideas Inc, added 3/23/04, 1yrpd
Wash & dry yourself after a bowel movement at the touch of a button without reaching
Customer Care
1633 Ravine Lane
Highland Park, IL. 60035
800-611-5515 Toll Free
847-432-9060 Voice
847-432-8557 Fax

Glucosamine study http://www.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/alternative/04/07/glucosamine.health.wmd/index.html April 7, 2000
NIH conducts large study into promising reports of glucosamine easing arthritis pain
submitted 4/10/00, added 11/25/00

dwarf bottom wiper, added 9/17/00, updated 10/3/02
517-371-2225 voice
775-521-7001 fax
208B S 8TH ST, LANSING MI 48912-1422
...the “fixed open” home model with an ergonomically designed white plastic head & perforations designed to hold tissue, attached to a light alloy 12” curved handle. Also offering the “folding pocket” three piece version for pocket or purse use. Both models clean with soap and water. Link here, shortdwarf.com for complete details. Your privacy and confidentiality is assured with every order. Contact us TODAY at 517-371-2225 or bottomwiper@shortdwarf.com for a no obligation order form. For more details on how you can get one of your own, phone, fax, e-mail or write us direct! You'll receive complete details, info about other Ware4dwarfs ™ apparel & accessories & our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Some information about US government programs:added 9/15/99

There's also a nationwide program called CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program - that's available to any child without health insurance, even if not on Medicaid, usually with family income levels (depending on the jurisdiction) from 150-200% of the poverty limit.  Check the Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) website at www.hcfa.gov - it has all the current info on Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.  All 50 states have a CHIP plan at least designed, and it's operative in most of them, and is greatly underenrolled - a lot of folks just plain don't know it's available.  You have to check the qualifying standards for each state, but there's millions of dollars of CHIP money sitting unused right now because the program isn't widely known.

No child should be without medical coverage in this country, and that's what CHIP is for.  Let your elected representatives know you support sustaining full CHIP funding and efforts to encourage enrollment, while you're at it!  It benefits us all.

And of special interest to this dwarf community is a bill before Congress right now, the Work Incentives Improvement Act, that has wide bipartisan support and looks like it'll pass with a wide margin - but it wouldn't hurt to encourage a yes vote from your Senators and Representatives for this legislation, too.

The idea is to encourage folks on disability to return to work by, among other things, guaranteeing that they'll still receive Medicare Part B coverage *for life* even if they return to full-time employment, providing a buy-in program for Medicaid coverage for certain disabilities, removing disincentives to work and providing incentives, etc.  For once, Congress apparently recognizes that the vast majority of folks with disabilities in this country have difficulty finding jobs because there are so many obstacles, and this is an effort to remove some of those obstacles.  I'll keep you updated on its progress, since the folks I work for track and monitor these types of legislation very closely.  But passage is almost certainly guaranteed, since something like 75 senators from both sides of the aisle (about equally) co-sponsored it.

And if you don't know who your Representatives are, there's a site called Write Your Representative, www.house.gov/writerep/, where you put in your state and zip code and it tells you who it is and gives either email or snail mail addresses.  And virtually *all* information about Congress and the legislation it's working on can be found at the THOMAS site, http://thomas.loc.gov, which is the Library of Congress website and the central source for all information about Congress.
If you want to telephone your congressman or senator, just call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  Those ladies are *amazing* -- they've been running that switchboard forever (apparently it's still one of the old ones with a big board with plugs to connect calls - remember the old photos??) and can connect you with anyone on the Hill at the drop of a hat. Offered by Laura @ lhemly@PGFM.com

dwarf BETA TESTER, added 5/11/99 
ware4dwarfs / shortdwarf.com

517-371-2225 voice

775-521-7001 fax
208B S 8TH ST, LANSING MI 48912-1422

"Sleep Thieves : An Eye-Opening Exploration into the Science and Mysteries of Sleep" 1996, by Stanley Coren
  Available for purchase & mailorder directly through Amazon.com.  Book on sleep in general, by a sleep-scientist, that has a chapter on sleep apnea.  In general I recommend the book to anyone with sleep problems or anyone who is chronically running short (on sleep, sic).
Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international Magazine, added 5/6/99
For short statured parents who may be interested here's the subscription information from the back page of the Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international Magazine.  This is basically an organization for parents _WITH_disabilities, much like the non-profit Berkeley California based organization "Through the Looking Glass" which can be found at the following URL: http://www.lookingglass.org
  Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international is published quarterly at the end of January, April, July and October.  Annual subscription rates for institutional and professional subscribers: £25.00 (UK), £27.50 (Europe), £29.50 (outside of Europe)  Rates for individual subscribers (to private addresses only):  £15.00 (UK), £12.50 (Europe), £14.50 (outside or Europe).
   To subscribe, send name and full mailing address with correct payment to: DPPi, 5th Floor, 45 Beech St., London  EC2P 2LX, UK  Checks/cheques should be made payable to Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international.
   If anyone wants more info, DPPi can be reached by phone at +44 (0)171 628 2811; by fax at +44 (0)171 628 2833; or by e-mail at dppi@eotw.co.uk
Popping joints, added 1/13/99 - You may want to ask your doctor about it - it is called UDO's Choice Perfected Oil Blend and is available in the refrigerated section of many health food stores.  A phone number for the company (Flora) is 1-800-446-2110 and their web page is at http://www.florainc.com.  They may be able to tell you the closest place where you can buy it as well as info on the product.
APNEA ALERT, added 4/11/98
Obstructive Sleep Apnea, added 4/11/98
http://www.resmed.com.au (not quite sure about this link, unable to connect at time of publication)

Mobility, wheelchair, etc

Electric scooter, added 3/11/01
MCLEE Co., Ltd.
7F-7, No 10. 3 Sec. Chen Teh Rd
Taipei 103, Taiwan R.O.C
Tel: 886-2-25932866 (Rep).
Fax: 886-2-89918938

Solar scooter, added 3/11/01

http://www.hotshotproducts.org/product.htm, added 9/18/2000
Are you in a wheelchair, and have a hard time going to the beach? or going over other hard spots? Check out this website!

Tourist Lite scooter, added 4/12/00
A Better Life, Inc. - Mobility Scooters
Tia Bartholow
3018 Ave C
Holmes Beach FL 34217
941-778-5549 voice
941-779-1094 Fax

Discount Scooters, added 5/11/99
854 Dexter Street
Central Falls, RI 02863
e-mail: support@discountscooters.com
Customer Service/Medicare/Information: 401-726-5400 Ext 500 Monday-Saturday 10AM to 5PM EST
Credit Card Order Hotline: 1-888-707-5400

Zappy™ portable electric scooter, item # 23339DS, added 7/23/98, updated 8/7/98
http://www.overtons.com/ w/ above item number to use search
111 Red Banks Rd, PO Box 8228
Greenville NC  27835
1-800-334-6541 / 919-355-7600 voice
919-255-2923 / 252-355-2923 FAX
Zappy™ Portable Electric Scooter ­ Drive Yourself Crazy! A portable electric push scooter, the Zappy can be a fun new pastime or serious transportation. The steering column folds down for carrying or storage in your trunk, boat, or locker. Travels at speeds up to 12 mph with a range of up to 10 miles. Recharges in 4-5 hours and weighs only 35 pounds. Includes rear brake and automatic household charger. This item requires additional shipping charges that must be paid at time of order.
Disability.com advertisement http://www.disability.com/push.html
Wells Lamont Technologies Inc.
140 Cypress Station, Suite 207
Houston, Texas 77090
800-642-5012 voice
800-642-5025 FAX
• Coming Soon in children's sizes! • One Step Closure - Easy to take on and off • Solid Gel Padded Palm - For added protection and comfort • Leather Palms and Finger Area - For added durability • Removal Tabs - Makes removing gloves easier • Half Finger or Full Finger Gloves • Color choices in black or tan • Seamless Forefinger - Eliminates a major stress point.  For quadriplegic use, we have developed the PushEase Palm Cuff. This cuff is easy to put on and take off and has an adjustable strap for proper fit.
Push Ease Half Finger Gloves........Cost $23.00*
Push Ease Full Finger Gloves.........Cost $25.00*
Palm Cuffs.....................................Cost $32.00*
Sizes are in XXS - XL.  To determine size, measure the circumference of the four knuckles of the fist area of the hand with the fingers straight.  6 1/2" - XXS; 7" - XS; 71/2" - S; 8" - M; 8 1/2" - L; 9" and up - XL
6693 Dixie Hwy
Bridgeport MI 48722-9725
800-248-9130 voice
KITCHEN'S KARTS updated 11/19/98
Lee Kitchens
27 Sunrise Lane
Ransom Canyon TX 79366
806-829-2180 voice
806-829-2160 FAX
e-mail: lgklpa@juno.com
Ed Trumble
5125 Guion Rd
Indianapolis IN 46254-1724
800-637-4398 voice
317-291-7224 FAX

Technology/software, added 11/26/00

Adobe Systems Inc. expands product donation program

Deadline: Various

Software maker Adobe Systems Inc. has expanded its product donation program internationally, building on an active giving program in the United States and Canada.

Adobe's contributions of Internet publishing, graphics, and multimedia products are coordinated by Gifts In Kind International (http://www.giftsinkind.org/), which assesses a small fee per donation to recover its management and shipping costs. Nonprofit organizations do not need to be registered members of Gifts In Kind to receive donations.

Effective August 15, 2000, Adobe products will also be donated to charities in France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Adobe's Product Donation Program is committed to supporting organizations that improve the quality of life for underserved populations and supports a broad range of community issues in many locations; all eligible nonprofit organizations are invited to apply.

For information about the U.S./Canada program, see: http://www.giftsinkind.org/Adobe.pdf
submitted 8/23/00, added 11/26/00

Travel, added 6/12/99

An article from http://www.cando.com/ website on wheelchair travel in Hawaii

submitted 9/21/00, added 11/25/00

Airline passenger guide & rights, added 7/27/99 
For a nominal fee you may obtain these pocket travel-sized brochures from the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).  "The Air Carrier Access Act: Make It Work for You", and "New Horizons: Information for the Air Traveler with a Disability: explains passengers' rights under the Air Carrier Access".  Basically, both brochures explain regulations and provides information about what to do in case an individual is discriminated against by an air carrier.  It may be a good idea to present these brochures to airline personnel during initial check-in as they may document the $2,500 liability loophole.  To reach PVA online see:  http://www.pva.org.  Specific ordering information for the above brochures can be found at: http://www.pva.org/store/legis.htm

Also check out the FAA's guide for air travelers with disabilities.  It's
available online at: http://www.faa.gov/acr/dat.htm

added 6/12/99 
Americans with Disabilities Act requires all businesses used by the public to have handicapped access, disabled travelers in the United States (and worse, abroad) still encounter great  difficulties. http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/adahom1.htm

Travelers with special needs now have a valuable resource in Everybody's Hotel Directory, http://www.everybody.co.uk an online guide to accommodations in the United Kingdom. The site lists more than 2,000 hotels, guest houses, and bed-and-breakfast inns suitable for travelers with disabilities.

Visitors to the site can search for accommodations by region or specific locality. Each property's listing shows its price range and amenities, with facilities for travelers with disabilities indicated by a special symbol. 

Kaye, who uses a wheelchair, did much of the research himself. He assures those who use the directory that each property was contacted either by phone or a personal visit.

Still, Kaye includes a disclaimer on virtually every page advising users to make certain when making reservations that the accommodations they've chosen indeed meet their requirements. Though the site covers general needs such as wheelchair accessibility and assistance for the deaf, more specialized support, such as amenities for guide dogs, may not be available at every property.

a Web site called Access-Able Travel Source http://www.access-able.com/ that allows you to search the world for accessible hotels, cruise ships, and so on. Some of the information is provided by the place itself — and Jackie has made clear the perils of trusting that kind of information — but the most useful advice comes from direct, anecdotal reporting by a disabled visitor.

The Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped http://www.sath.org/ (212-447-0027) is a lobbying organization for the disabled, but it also makes suggestions on how to deal with places that don’t abide by the Disabilities Act.

the United Kingdom’s guru on disabled travel, Jim Bennett of Tripscope (The Courtyard, Evelyn Road, London, England, W45JL; 011-44-181-994-9294).

Essential resources 
Mobility International. P.O. Box 10767, Eugene, Oregon, 97440; (541) 343-1284. Refers members to organizations for the disabled in other countries. 
• The Disability Bookshop Catalog. Twin Peaks Press, P.O. Box 129, Vancouver, Wash. 98666-0129; (360) 694-2462. Sells books including "Travel for the Disabled," "Wheelchair Vagabond" and various directories of travel agencies for the disabled. Directories available for accessible van rental companies, and cruise, ferry, river and canal barge guides for the physically handicapped.
"The Disabled Driver's Mobility Guide" can be ordered from your local AAA club. It lists organizations in North America that provide information and driver training on adaptive equipment and lists equipment vendors.
• The American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (One Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 22314) will send you a brochure on travel tips for the hearing impaired if you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
American Bus Association (1100 New York Ave., N.W., Suite 1050, Washington, D.C. 20005-3934; 800-283-2877) offers a free list of U.S. tour bus companies equipped for disabled travelers. 
• Among a number of travel agencies that specialize in disabled travel are the following: Accessible Journeys (800-846-4537), Flying Wheels Travel (800-535-6790), The Guided Tour, Inc. (215-782-1370), Search Beyond Adventures (800-800-9979), Wilderness Inquiry (800-728-0719).

Sporting goods & Toys, etc.

Now in it's 16th year, from November through January, Allied Services, Northeastern Pennsylvania's largest health care provider offers a free toy adaptation program for children with disabilities. Occupational therapists and technicians work with youngsters to modify their playthings so they can experience the thrill of play with increased comfort and greater ease. Hundreds of adaptations have been made since the program's inception in 1984. From what's understood, Allied receives calls and media attention from across the country for this innovative and generous offering. Inquiries have come from as far away as Indiana and Nevada. For additional information call 1-888-FIX-A-TOY.
submitted 11/18/00, added 11/25/00

"La Jolla" brand golf clubs, added 6/12/99 
You might want to look for at some of the local golf distributors for a brand called "La Jolla".  They sell the golf clubs seperately, and in three different lengths.  This way you can buy, say a wood, a iron and a putter for starts and if you like it and stick with it, buy the whole set.  That way if you don't like it, you're not out an arm and a leg.  Plus being a youth dwarf, swing speed will be slower than an average youth, and "La Jolla" clubs are geared for the slower swing speeds.

Knight Twister Junior Golf Clubs, added 6/12/99 
The set is $49.99 ages 3 to 7 or 37" to 48" tall.

PEOPLE OF EVERY STRIPE, custom made dolls representing humanity, added 1/9/98
Barbara McIntyre & Edward Cooper
PO Box 12505
Portland Oregon 97212
503-282-0612 voice
503-282-0615 FAX
e-mail people@teleport.com
Making some of the most huggable and most loveable dolls in the universe. Dolls with disabilities, including: achondroplasia (dwarfism), blind dolls, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, cannula breathing, IV tubes, g tubes, trachea tubes, colostomy bags, down syndrome, a variety of ethnic groups & skin colors and dolls with other

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