are you looking for a “great or CHEAP or fast a great quality, priced cheap and delivered fast rent a midget / dwarf talent for tomorrow, this weekend or even next month?  we’re all familiar with veruca salt in the willy wonka world of “i want it now!” everyone wants stuff that’s great, cheap and fast!  (or were you looking for the veruca salt band?)

well, we can help you explore the possibilities with a rent a midget that is great/CHEAP/fast right now!  you want a talented midget that’s great with folks, loves to party, he’s priced right and VERY cheap and we can deliver him or her fast, like tomorrow, this weekend or even next month?  we can do it!  follow our instructions below and we can explore those possibilities right NOW!

text GREAT or CHEAP or FAST to (NO voice service) 517-580-5653 (NO voice service)
to explore the possible quality, expense and speed combinations of booking a dwarf talent in your particular area.

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