who should be the contact person to book midgets, dwarfs and little people?

anyone that is looking for a unique, memorable and laughter filled event should contact us here at shortdwarf.com to book talent. we can provide talent that will make your event unforgettable, an event that we will take over the top with it’s unique and specialty talent. the person most directly tied to the event, with the most knowledge of the special needs of the event and all the other aspects of the event should be the one to contact us here at shortdwarf.com.

and usually, that person should be the one that is most financially invested in the event, the one that will be writing the check, presenting the credit card or actually paying for the dwarf talent.

much like your sister who is a senior in high school sending your mother to the walmart, rite-aid or walgreens to buy condoms for your college age brother, it’s best to speak to the person that will be paying for and using the actual product or service rather than a third party. somethings bound to go wrong when your mom buys those condoms.

what can you imagine?

so give the guys at shortdwarf.com a call to book your little people,
midgets and dwarf talent today!

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