our “little people,” midgets and dwarf talent can perform a variety of roles or duties at your event or venue.

they can meet and greet; mix and mingle; serve drinks; pour shots; handle coat check; serve appetizers or hors d’oeuvres; greet guests at the door; escort guests into a party or to their seat; work photo ops; perform as atmosphere entertainers; perform a singing telegram; celebrate special occasions; deliver messages or gifts; propose on behalf of a fiance; as characters in a theater production; scaring halloween party guests upon arrival; act as a short parody or look-a-like of your guest of honor or famous celebrities; act as extended party interactive entertainment.

they can also work photo ops for a promotional / advertising event; perform as an “attraction magnet” for the opposite sex for a single guy or lady; perform a mock, parody or real striptease for special events; check ID or take tickets; assist or promote a new product or service; act as talent in films, TV productions and movies; escort a bat or bar mitzvah candidate into their event for presentation; as part of a bridal dance or the garter toss; as part of a prank, gotcha or inside joke, as part of a new product launch or announcement; as an emcee or master of ceremonies for an event or stage production, handcuffed to the bachelor or bachelorette as a ball and chain token.

and finally they can work as a body double in a TV, film or commercial; as a waiter, as a costumed character at an amusement park, as participants in a convention competition; as an escort on a bar crawl or bar hopping event; as part of a hollywood awards ceremony; distributing gifts at a company christmas party, as a golf caddy or to complete a foursome; as a walking nacho chip serving dish; as a bartender; as a trade show booth promotion character and any number of other opportunities for your event, promotion or venue.

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