it varies so widely based on a number of factors that we can’t even begin to quote you here & now.

some of those factors depend on the length of your performance or service time needed, the type of performance or service needed, the geographical location of performance or service needed, the time of day for the performance or service, the day of the week of the performance or service, whether or not the performance or service is during a holiday or special event or peak performance time, the need for special costuming, rental or purchase of any props or special supplies, the need for any pre-performance auditions or rehearsals, the travel expenses incurred by the talent to and from the performance or service location (i.e. tolls, gas expenses, parking fees, hotel, incidental expenses, meal per diem, etc), the amount of travel time and travel distance needed for the talent to travel to and from the performance or service location, the physical size or height of the talent, the skill or talent level of the talent, the past experience level or size/length of the talent’s acting or entertainment resume, the talent’s acting & entertaining credentials, the number of talent or actors needed for your performance or service, whether or not a name brand talent is needed and who knows how many other factors

so, it varies so widely, we can’t even begin to quote you here & now or in a quick phone call or email…

to do the best job & give you an exact cost, we need to speak directly & personally to you after you FIRST / 1st, join 1 of 3 membership levels, then SECOND / 2nd, complete or submit: (with the password we provide after completing the FIRST step) our dwarf talent details contact form then finally, let’s talk.  without completing those steps in that order, we are UNABLE to help you.

otherwise, please let us know when we can be of service in the future.

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