… or what is the rent a midget law of supply and demand?

LAVISH dwarf entertainment

yes, the law of supply and demand enters into the search for dwarf talent…

for every 40,000 (that’s forty thousand, count them) people, there is ONLY 1 (one) dwarf, “little people” or midget in your everyday life. take for example your walk out at the local mall last weekend, out of the thousands of people that you crossed paths with on your way to Cabela’s, Victoria’s Secret or Bed, Bath and Beyond, how many dwarfs, midgets or munchkins did you run into? we can fathom a guess here… you did not run into a single “little people,” save maybe one.

so, for every 11 (eleven) dwarfs, “little peoples” or midgets, there are / is ONLY 9%, (nine percent or ONLY 1 (one) dwarf talent, “little people” or midgets) that are entertainers, actors and/or talent in the dwarf entertainment business. not all dwarfs and assorted munchkins are in the acting & entertainment business. others are fast food employees, unemployed, doctors, dispatchers, teachers, cow hands, store managers, bank tellers, lawyers, waitresses, seamstresses and a whole myriad of other occupations.  some even own their own chocolate shops or pumpkin farms.

that translates into our need to find your one dwarf talent amongst 440,000 people.

hence, the law of supply & demand dictates that dwarf talent is LAVISH dwarf entertainment.


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