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society still seems to be highly fascinated and impressed currently with dwarfs as previous populations were during those times when the medieval rulers and kings kept dwarfs as court jesters. in the entertainment industry, several reality shows as well as movies have demonstrated the tribulations and trials of living in a world that’s made for and dominated by the average sized folk. the truth though is that little people, midgets or dwarfs abound in our mythology and films and despite their rather short height or stature, they have without any shred of doubt made a huge mark on the highly dynamic world of entertainment.

lots of legal sources tend to define dwarfism as anyone standing less than 4’10” (147 centimeters) at adulthood, even though this does seem remarkably short, lots of people without this medical condition do fall into this category. this includes the highly popular Polizzi “Snooki” of the Jersey Shore fame. it is worth noting though that there are lots of true dwarfs who have indeed stood at half this size, such as Nelson de la Rosa at 2’4” (71 centimeters) who many people believe helped shatter what’s been known as “the Curse of the Bambino.” this enabled the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series in 2004 after an 86 year wait.

it thus follows that getting this type of talent is not easy and neither does it come cheap. this is especially so when you take into consideration some important facts and figures. for starters, for every forty thousand (40,000) people, there is only one (1) dwarf or little people in everyday life. the numbers get more interesting, for every eleven (11) dwarfs, only one or nine percent (9%) are dwarf talent, actors or entertainers in the dwarf entertainment business. this fact is usually lost to many people who wrongly assume that all dwarfs are there to entertain. ninety one (91%) of dwarfs participate in other economic activities such as being lawyers, bank managers, teachers, store managers, dispatchers, seamstresses, waitresses and a whole lot of other occupations.

the long and short of all this is that if you are in need of some dwarf talent, then you must look and get that dwarf talent amongst 440,000 people; talk about searching for a needle in a haystack! this does explain to a large extent why getting dwarf talent is not only pricey but can also be quite time consuming if you don’t know where to look for them.

as earlier mentioned, even though the little people entertainment industry may be awash with dwarf talent and actors extraordinaire, the total number of actors available cannot meet the demand. as such the law of supply and demand does dictate that to rent a midget then you have to pay a slight premium so as to attract the best. this should not in any way be construed that to rent a midget you have to break the bank, it is affordable and manageable to those folks with sufficient discretionary income.

even though the supply numbers may be a little short, if you know where to look and make your bookings early enough then you are bound to get the best and most talented dwarfs for your special events, birthdays, on-camera talent or promotional marketing activities you may have planned. for all the above mentioned services and much more, feel free to get in touch with shortdwarf.com for the best offer.

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