are you having a fantasy football draft in the coming weeks?  how were you looking to take your sports event over the top?  when were you thinking of adding some dwarf talent into the mix?  how about a rent a midget that could bring your center, linemen, offensive guard, offensive guard, offensive tackle, receivers, quarterback, running back, fullbacks, wingback, slotback, wide receiver, flanker, slot receiver, tight end, fullback, split end, linemen, defensive tackle, defensive end, linebackers, middle linebacker, defensive backs, cornerbacks, safeties, nickelbacks, dimebacks, linebackers, defensive lineman, safety, nose tackle, kicker, placekicker, holder, punter, long snapper, punt returner, kick returner, upback, blocking back, gunner to life?  how about a tight end?

or even more appropriate in keeping with the rent a midget idea… how about a halfback for your fantasy football draft?

whatever position you would like our little people, dwarf talent or rent a midget to play in your fantasy football draft, get a hold of us ASAP, so you won’t be left short this football season…

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