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here’s how to buy now… you’re interested in hiring, booking &/or renting us as actors and/or entertainers?  great, booking a rent a midget / dwarf talent / “little people” entertainer or actor is a 3 (THREE) step process.

your FIRST step is to complete your retainer.
●  without this FIRST step, we can NOT move on to the SECOND step. ●
your SECOND step is to submit: (with the password we provide after completing the FIRST step) your performance or service details.
● without both the FIRST & SECOND step, we’re still unable to help you. ●
your THIRD and final step is to talk with each other about the specific details of your performance or service project, arrange a contract and exchange maps and directions to your performance or service location and any other necessary paperwork.
so, what are you waiting for?  start back on step one and soon, you’ll have a dwarf talent putting your event over the top!