availability of talent

a frequent question of our clients is “do you have talent available for my event or performance?”

our answer is a resounding and definite “YES!

97% of the time we DO have talent available for you and 96% of our other clients as well.  the amount of time that it takes to confirm that definite talent does vary though.  sometimes we can confirm talent within the same initial phone call as part of step 3 (THREE) after you have done step 1 (ONE) and step 2 (TWO) and other times it may take anywhere from 1-3 hours or even 2-4 weeks to find and confirm talent.  the sooner you start our BUY NOW / booking process, the better off you, the talent and shortdwarf.com will be.

so, 97% of the time, we DO find and confirm talent for your event and every other event where we have reached the completion of step 3 (THREE).  hooray!

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