aurora IL 40th birthday party sombrero chips

we’re looking to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday on a saturday evening.  we’re expecting about 55 guests at our home in aurora illinois.  every body is around the same age as myself and my husband, in their forties.  it’s going to be in our backyard with live 5 piece band, our in ground swimming pool, jacuzzi, catered food from the town’s premiere restaurant and caterer, complete with a full bottle bar, beer & wine and 3 bartenders.  we’re looking to contract out two dwarfs, dressed in mexican ponchos and sombreros, walking around with chips and salsa in the brim of their sombreros, kind of a walking appetizer tray.  we would love it if their interact with each and every guest and do their best to get photo ops with everybody there.  if they could also attend to my husband, fetching him drinks and appetizers, clearing his table of dishes and glassware when needed.  if you could provide this for us, you would make my husband’s fortieth birthday most memorable.

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