i celebrate diversity and little people are a seldom seen as part of the diverse human family…  minimally as guests at our wedding reception who socialize with other guests.  optimally, as musical or comedic entertainers. this will depend on the talent available. an “a Capella” soloist, duo or trio of musicians would be ideal.  family who are coming from pennsylvania. children and grandchildren from Texas, New York, Sweden and Clearwater. tasteful and aesthetic entertainment, such as music. there is Irish on my side so some Irish traditional, folk music and dance would be great.

not a high roller group, so mainly educational and local travel to visit family. my parents are in their 80’s and hope to make the trip down from pennsylvania. fiancee and I both have grown children, i have 2 grandchildren with 1 on the way. fiancee and I have been members of the Church of Scientology for 40 plus years.  1/2 to 2/3rd’s of the guests will likewise be scientology church members and would not appreciate any racy or hurtful entertainment. about 1/2 will be family and 1/2 friends and colleagues. i work in the alternative health care management field, fiance is an administrator at Delphi Academy, a private school in Clearwater.  mellow and subdued, great sense of humor but very sensitive to any form of discrimination for race or creed, etc. my son-in-law is jamaican and his two children are beautiful mocha colored.  my daughter is very caucasian.

very modest budget, most of the money going into food with a little for musical entertainment. there will be no alcohol. reception will be in the lunchroom of Delphi Academy where fiance works. (venue will be free)  mother in law will be chipping in to help cover costs. the guests will all be family or colleagues/friends. family are liberal, older, retired educators. colleagues/friends are mostly staff at private school, alternative health people, scientologists.

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