it’s my best friend’s 40th birthday and we have been best friends since 5th grade. we want you to tell our story a bit then have someone sing “i believe the children are future” by whitney houston. having someone impersonate her would be amazing. we used to sing the song to each other for hours to see who has the best voice.  it would be very sentimental and funny like each of us.  good fun, southern people on his side and new yorkers on the wife’s side.  they love football, weekend parties, tailgating and hanging out

they love raising kids, going to the lake and concerts.

we need a ten minute storytelling session. it would be ideal to have two chubby women wearing a long red wigs and the one with a full afro  (will show you pics of what we looked like in 5th grade) we were major ugly ducklings. we have been through a lifetime of memories including the death of a brother when we were 18 and i’m godmother to her two kids. divorce, my dad passing away and literally a million of shared gut wrenching laughs.

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