i am giving a funny best man speech and want the dwarf talent to be a part of it as part of a wedding reception with friends and family of the bride & groom.  i want it to be comical. i will be giving a speech about the groom sleeping around and will have various people come up during my speech.
i am giving the best man speech at a wedding reception. during my speech I will talk about how much the groom has changed and how he use to get around before he met his new wife. i will ask everyone in the audience that has slept with him or has a key to his apartment to bring the key up to the front. there will be several different types of people. some of the bridesmaids, an older woman, the bride’s gay male best friend and among them I would like to have a little person / little people come up as well and turn in their key, purely as a joke and as comic relief to the wedding reception…
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